Parenting Tips

26 Dec

The children behavior is mainly determined by how the parents mold and teach them. majority of today's' children have developed bad behavior because the parents have distanced themselves from children due to the demand and pressure of jobs and also the change of living lifestyle. On contrary, in the olden days, parents used to discipline the kids and were very close to monitor them currently it is different. A parent wakes up at 4 am in the morning and reports back home past 11 pm at night. He or she leaves when the kids were sleep and come back when they are asleep again. The children are left to the care of a mind and the parent-child relationship becomes weak. The parents' presence is very important to the growth of the kids. Other parents spend their free time in pubs and they have no time for their children at all, this is the worst situation. So it is understood, time a child behavior can be determined by the parents' influence. Therefore, the parents ought to behave well for their children to emulate them. It is difficult to lecture to children to behave when you have not disciplined yourself. It is important to note, the teen behavior determines greatly who they become in future. Without discipline, the possibility of becoming a failure in life is almost 100 percent.

The parents are solely responsible for the troubled teen behavior until they are at the age of 16 when they are able to make their own decisions. It is always important, though parents are very busy, to create time and hold regular meeting with the kids and create house rules that must be adhered to all the times. The rules ought to be practical and realistic. This enables the children to develop consistency in discipline and this will make them have discipline in all they do in life. But if you neglect them, they will be useless and lawbreakers in schools and even when they grow to adulthood, they will be at the loggerhead with the authorities.

When the children are doing the right thing, it is very imperative for the parents to commend them. This gives them the encouragement to soldier on doing the right thing. Everyone likes to be recognized, and that way when you recognize someone, he or she will stick to that same thing that made the praises to come up and even improve more. Recognition is very important.

The peer pressure in a great way influences the bad behavior of the children. Parents need to be very close to the kid to monitor the change of behavior and correct it immediately. To find out if the kid actions are changing, you need to have a very close parent child relationship with the kid. This enables you to know immediately when a kid starts becoming defiant to your house rules. Troubled teens are not able to focus on their academic or even realize their talents. It very important for the parents to seriously the parenting responsibility to correct the bad behavior children are developing currently. The internet is also messing with the kinds behavior by accessing the wrong sites that are not safe for children. therefore the use of social media by the kids limited to their age and they should get access to the information that is beneficial to them. The parents' attention to the kid is the main factor in up bring them because they will respect and lead you the ear when you tell them what to do and what not to do. Do not be tough and rough to your kids, be loving, because once you become very violent to them when they make a mistake they will develop resistance mechanism to your hash reactions. For example, most of the pastors' children are spoilt at old age due to strict rules imposed on them. children need care, love and parents close attention.

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